Living in Relationship With Jesus. 

Does that raise a question for you?

Some of us get up every morning in anticipation of what He will bring to our day. Others may be clinging to Him tightly for support. Others go to church on Sunday, forgetting the message on Monday. Most have good intentions with no Some don’t know Jesus very well.

We pray. We reach for further understanding in the Word. We support each other.

Living in Relationship is living in Jesus’ love. His love illustrates our transformation in all areas of our life.  We show we care for others by our compassion and service. Jesus said. “Love each other as I have loved you.”

We strengthen our faith through trust, obedience, worship, and prayer. We never stop learning. The Bible is God’s Word and will give each of us meaning and understanding whenever we need it.

We seek out small groups, church groups, friends, and blogs where we feel safe to ask questions, disclose our emotions, and deal with the many issues we struggle with in today’s modern world.

We all have the same enemy, the evil-one, devil, satan. His mission is to rob us of joy, slaughter our hopes and dreams, destroy our lives. He plants seeds that will grow poison in our hearts, and he does it maliciously. Together we will stand firm, join hands, and pray for each other when any of us battle him. We are lady warriors who recognize the significance of every battle.

Having a relationship with Jesus is getting to know Him and allowing Him to listen to the intimate parts of who you are. Of course, He already knows but loves hearing it from you.

I envision you sitting with me on a peaceful bench having a pleasant conversation.  The invitation is always open. Together we will explore the journey of Living in Relationship With Jesus.






I am a 68-year-old widow, live each day aware of my relationships, purposeful in the time I spend with Jesus.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM I learned at an early age to embrace cultures and differences, it makes us stronger. My brother and ninety-eight-year-old Dad still live there. But Oklahoma is now home for me!

I love being in nature. On a giant granite boulder, sitting under a shade tree, listening to the tinkling of a mountain stream, walking on the path by the lake or working in my garden are just a few of the places where I feel closest to Father God.

I love cooking with fresh veggies and herbs and watching someone enjoy my latest concoction.

My faithful companion is my fourteen-year-old dog Ginger. She is overly excited every time I come home. I often think, “That’s the way Jesus will greet me when I go home to heaven. Excited unconditional love.

I love my church (Life.Church). Serving others through the church is a blessing; the more I give of me in love, the more I gain in return. I invite you to join me! Message me or join me at Church OnLine.

A quiet morning at home with my Bible and today’s devotion sitting on my patio watching for the colors or daybreak with a cup of coffee is my favorite way to start the day. WILL YOU JOIN ME!

I am happiest when I live according to His purpose for me. The seed for writing and loving others the way Jesus taught goes back to my teenage years. I struggled for decades both in faith and in careers. Told I wasn’t good enough, feeling there was something wrong with me, knowing there was something missing until I realized I was not living for me. I had a God-given purpose. To write and live for Him.

A new perspective changed my life, my writing and my goals. Soon it filtered its way into every area of my life. When believing isn’t enough, my relationship with Jesus is. When dark days steal my joy, Jesus pours love in.