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Will You Pray With Me?

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Since I first heard of the school shooting in Parkland, FA my heart has been laden with sorrow. This week I watch one-hundred students and teachers delivering their passionate concerns to President Trump, legislators and others. Passionate youth who stood boldly and said, “This happened to me.” and “…what are you going to do?” I am proud of them. I can’t say I am proud of me. After the Las Vegas mass shooting, I started praying for God to stop the next mass shooting, His protection shields children, and teachers and the innocent. I prayed, but my prayers dropped off to once a week, then once a month, then occasionally. But, I didn’t forget. Does thinking about it count as prayer? The Holy Spirit prompted me to be a leader. I didn’t know what that looked like I thought. Yesterday morning I shared a memory from a year ago. “I am growing closer to Jesus every day; Because of Christ, my family is closer; my body is stronger; my faith is deeper; my leadership sharper.” Craig Groeschel Validating I have what I need to do this, but I need your help. Yes, you! I am reaching out to all of the prayer warriors I know, including you! I’m not a prayer warrior, you say. We can all be prayer warriors. Prayer is something each of us can do. James 5:16b (ESV), The prayer of a righteous person, has great power as it is working. Our prayers have power, boundless power, more than we can imagine. Proven in the last four words of this verse. “as it is working.” Not as we are working but as our prayers are working. God is working, and His work is in His timing, not ours.  He doesn’t give up; we can’t either. We believe in God with our heart, soul, and mind. Do we believe in our prayers? Sometimes our prayer list is more like a wish list. We are not going to give up. We know our Heavenly Father is working behind the scenes and we are asking Him to do just that. We believe in the power of our prayer and our God. With His voice, He created the universe; we have faith He can stop mass school shootings. Our trust is stronger together than alone. We are His church. Mark 11:24 (Voice), So listen to what I’m saying: Whatever you pray for or ask from God,  believe that you’ll receive it and you will.   Are you excited? I am! Are you unsure? I was too, which is why this post is out today instead of yesterday. This morning my excitement grew …

God’s Brand of Weed Killer

I sat quietly in prayer, too quiet. Asking myself what is going on here? I should be praying for others, and here I sit in dark silence. My mind blank. What is wrong? Vacant awareness left me lifeless, a vast void holding me captive. I started reading my Bible, but the words didn’t trigger joy or renewal. I cried out, “Lord, what is wrong with me?” I am wondering if you have been there too? Trapped in a Godless void wondering what you have done and where our Heavenly Father has gone. In the past whenever I bounced back and forth between feeling strong in faith and an unloveable lost puppy my mind would race with questions.  When I asked what was wrong with me, the answer came from Satan, who had planted seeds of unworthiness, perfectionism, fear, isolation among others long ago.  Those seeds grew into thorned bushes that impeded my path. Slowly the bushes were pruned until they could be cut out. Frequently something would burst through the ground at the first sign of spring from a leftover root that took life on its own.  Zap! Time for Weed-Be-Gone. God’s brand of weed killer is “Trust.” When we think He left, often, He is waiting for us to reach up to Him and trust. We haven’t done anything wrong, and He loves us. Nothing can keep Him from loving us. Trust doesn’t come easy for most of us. It takes practice. Trust confirms our belief and builds our confidence in Jesus over influences of the world around us.  By the time thornbush appears trust is there to choke it out. When we feel the void, it is a reminder to reach up to our Heavenly Father. We take time to figure out what we are holding on to or seized back. As we pray this out with Jesus, we acknowledge our faith which is strengthened by the process. The process repeats over and over again.   The process makes us stronger. We reach for God earlier. We trust more until one day it feels normal.

A Father’s Love

The old Sweet Gum tree bustled with activity as Mr. Sparrow watched with a protective eye. My searching eyes spotted three pairs building nests one string or dried grass at a time. I named the mature sparrow male, Mr. Harry. A beautiful bird, watchful and always knew where I was. He would let me know if I overstayed my welcome under the shade of the old tree. Harry knew my every move; I was in his territory. He had a family to protect. “Good morning Mr. Harry.” I would sing out! Chirp-Chirp he sang. Activity increased as the birds finished building the nests and then shared life as they waited for tiny blue eggs to hatch. Harry provided for his mate with constant attention and awareness. It was apparent the other birds in the tree paid attention to Harry too. Chiiiiirrrrrrrp-Chir-Chip (danger) Harry’s warnings were always loud and clear! Ending on a high note whenever an intruder came too close to the tree. One morning, Harry sang without stopping. He and Mrs. Sparrow double timing trips in and out of the tree. The parents kept busy gathering and feeding the young chicks. Each week the baby chick’s peeping grew louder. Except when Harry sounded danger. He stopped what he was doing and flew to a look-out point. Keeping everyone informed. I wish I knew what Harry was saying. Oklahoma is known for strong southern winds roaring down the plains. The day the chicks left the nest the wind was strong with frequent gusts forty to fifty miles per hour.  I had writer’s block for several hours when I decided to brave the wind and take a walk to clear my head. The weather report just said severe storms were on their way. As I rounded the building to go back in, I saw Harry’s daughter in the grass.  Just as she started to fly up into the tree, a strong gust that nearly knocked me backward blew the baby bird to the ground. I said out loud, “Oh No!” Harry flew down to the baby bird, chirping encouragement before he flew back up to the lowest branch swaying in the wind. His chirping continued. The baby bird peeped and chirped.  Through the wind, I could barely hear her cries for help, but her father heard. I watched her rustle her feathers, her fear captivating me. From the tree, I heard Harry tell her “You can do it. You must do it.”  I was afraid to move as I watched the scene play out, the wind blowing harder as the sky turned dark. A distant rumble of thunder warned rain was on …


We said “Good night” in Walton family style as we departed, I felt a little resentment in my heart towards one. We share life together. Friends joining together to support each other, discuss neighborhood events, politics, the weather, and anything else that pops up. Love is abundant, along with laughter, and sometimes a few tears. We take care of each other. I paused for a moment, before brushing the feeling aside. The next morning I opened my devotional and started reading when a pang of what I had been feeling touched my heart.   “When the Holy Spirit shows us areas where God wants us to work, it put us at a crossroad”       Suzie Eller, Come With Me Devotional I contemplated my feelings, read the page again and again.